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a strategic approach for the exploitation of resources configured on the one hand, the incentives of the competitive repositioning of companies achieved with the inclusion of the knowledge in business practices, the other on the promotion of institutional repositioning of the Public Administration, based on the reconfiguration of the relationship between institutions - research centers - business - citizens, through a network approach, in the context of a territory management model shared and participative


dialogue between those who produce innovation and those who promote it within a shared project on territory safety, whose ethical premise is the sustainable development of the community;

i laboratori


significant opportunities related to the implementation of functional connections with European networks and the Mediterranean basin, in the field of prevention policies of territorial risks, with the support of University, research facilities, institutions and companies;


education and continuous updating of innovative professionals of high qualification, in the context of an evolving project of traditional training and research structures in the field of assessment of territory vulnerability; 

the competitiveness of the productive systems that fall in areas of high territorial hazard, improving the connection with the research centres and the projection in the global market, with a specific strategy on innovation and internationalization;

knowledge of territory, for the assessment, mitigation and monitoring of environmental and territorial risks, through the creation of a stable network of cooperation and exchange with research facilities and businesses;


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