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The Thematic Laboratories

The thematic laboratories shall define the structural and operational framework in which the activities of the Consortium  take place and where researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs will  meet in the context of innovative project building, national and international in nature, and on the basis of cooperation between enterprises, local bodies, research centres, institutions, with the objective of creating networks and of encouraging the sustainable economic development of the territory.   

On the signing of the Constitutive Act of the Consortium, the following thematic laboratories shall be called into being:


              The managerial training laboratory

               Is an operational platform for the creation of innovative entrepreneurship capable of modifying the  

               competitive positioning of national and international markets and for creating targeted synergies with

               the world of applied scientific research;


              The knowledge management laboratory  

              Is a technological platform expressly formed to promote and encourage technological transfer and the

              exchange of knowledge in contexts shared with institutions, enterprises and applied research;


              The territorial marketing laboratory  

               Is an operative platform structured so as to encourage the strategic planning of territory, designed to

               obtain optimal levels of competitiveness, consistent with policies focussed on attracting persons and

               economic structures related to the sustainable development of the territory.

               The activities of each laboratory shall be coordinated by and under the responsibility of a director.




The Technological Laboratories

The technological laboratories are technological platforms, expressing a plurality of synergies among universities, research centres and enterprises; their structures vary according to the scientific disciplines they respectively represent; their purpose is to promote entrepreneurial initiatives which synchronise research products with corporate processes.

On the signing of the Constitutive Act of the Association, the following technological laboratories shall be called into being:


                  The laboratory for environmental diagnostics

                  The laboratory for territorial diagnostics

                  The laboratory for structural diagnostics

                  The laboratory for electronics applied to the environment and territory

                  The laboratory for robotics in environmental and territorial studies

                  The laboratory for environmental and territorial monitoring

                  The laboratory for the vulnerability of urban and territorial systems




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