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The right to safety is a new generation right whose articulation is linked to technological progress within the field of disaster prevention but which remains largely unrealised as a consequence of the inactivity of and delays in the public administrations who should apply it in practice.

Our objective is to build an international interdisciplinary research group on the legal and technical aspects relevant to the actual realisation of the right, with reference both to the general right of the citizen to good administration (itself recognised by the European Charter of Fundamental Rights) and to disaster predictability by means of specific and territorial and structural surveys. In this context particular emphasis will be placed on the right of private persons to compel public authorities to take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of all inhabited areas.


The group invites the cooperation of experts in the different sectors affected, (such as law, economics, geophysics, seismology, engineering, public administration), who are interested in contributing to the effective application of the right to safety.

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Coordination: Scott Crosby     

Antonio Teramo

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